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The Ultimate Guide to Sapphire Engagement Rings

The Ultimate Guide to Sapphire Engagement Rings

A beautiful sapphire ring as the reason to get married? Oh, yes! The example of the royal family is very inspiring! Back in 1981 it was Princess Diana who acquired a sapphire ring for engagement, and years after the same ring appeared on the finger of Kate Middleton…
Sapphire rings for engagement are still trendy and wise due to a number of reasons described below in this article. Use our guide to choose the right sapphire for celebrating such a significant milestone of your life.


Why do brides prefer sapphires to diamonds?

How does it come to their minds? Sapphire does not seem a typical choice for an engagement ring. Nevertheless, this gemstone is much more diverse in the variety of colors compared to diamonds whose main appealing property is brilliance. Yes, the palette of the stone is wide:

  • Dark blue;
  • Indigo;
  • Sky blue;
  • Transparent or colorless;
  • Orange;
  • Pink;
  • Pink-orange (Padparadscha);
  • The color of champagne;
  • Green;
  • Purple;
  • Black;
  • Yellow;
  • Brown;
  • White.

A gemstone can also be of two colors, where the secondary color is not more than 15%. For example, blue sapphires with a purple tone are truly mesmerizing. The natural rainbow palette of sapphires is the main advantage of the stone as the proper choice for an engagement ring.

It is easier to say what colors do not exist for sapphires! Choosing sapphires for an engagement ring, brides both remain conservative and add expression and vividness to their look, underlining their personalities.

Another reason to choose sapphires above diamonds is the price, of course. This gemstone, being still rather expensive, is more affordable than diamonds. You get the same high quality, but pay less.

White sapphires are the most expensive ones because they have no impurities and cloudiness. Padparadscha sapphires also cost really much – being of the pink-orange color similar to the color of sunset or salmon, they are really scarce and hardly affordable to the mass consumer.

Sapphires are almost as hard as diamonds with 9 points against 10. It means you can wear sapphire jewelry daily without risk of damaging the surface of the stone.

Market value of sapphires

Choosing a sapphire ring for engagement is a new trend due to the reason stated above and the price, of course, which is lower than the one of diamonds. Normally a white sapphire is three times cheaper than a diamond, so it makes sense to consider sapphire for an engagement ring above diamond.

How do they cut sapphires?

When it comes to cutting such a rare gemstone as sapphire, jewelry makers try to conserve as much material as possible, that’s why after cutting gemstones can be asymmetrical and not always ideally shaped. Round and oval cut stones are normally more expensive because they require more rock to be wasted.

Darker stones look better if cut shallow since it allows more light inside of them. Light stones, on the contrary, require the cut that would deepen the color. That’s why jewelry makers choose methods of stone treatment depending on its original properties and appearance.

The color still prevails in importance over the cut and even clarity.

Sapphire for bridal jewelry

The wide range of colors found in natural sapphires allows brides to accentuate their personalities on such a significant day and after. A vibrant deeply colored gemstone creates a unique individual style and perfectly contributes to the image of a bride.

Queens and kings have been choosing sapphires for thousands of years as the gemstone associated with good fortune and wealth. The prevailing blue color in the stone has always been viewed as cloudless heaven. There is even an ancient legend that sapphires were the stones that turned the sky blue…

Being a birthstone of September, sapphire is often chosen in this very month as a beautiful way to propose. Who would say “no”? A high-quality sapphire engagement ring is a nice start for the new life of a couple. People believe this gemstone to symbolize trust and loyalty.

How to properly choose a sapphire engagement ring

There is a number of important factors to consider when buying a ring with a sapphire:

  • The best metals that complement a sapphire is traditionally platinum of white gold. The vibrant dark blue color of the stone likes the cold tone of these metals.
  • The most popular design for a sapphire engagement ring is a halo setting where the rounded center gem is circled by tiny diamonds.
  • When you find out that the gemstone was treated by heating, you should not worry because most of the stones in the market undergo this procedure for better color and enhanced clarity. Usually, the temperature of treatment is not extreme but rather moderate. If you don’t want your precious stone to be treated, be ready to pay more for a gemstone with the same carat weight. Only 1% of gemstones avoid heating.
  • Clarity is not the main feature of sapphires, color is more essential. You will hardly be able to find a stone without any impurities at all. Even if you do not see any with a naked eye, it does not mean they do not exist. Some inclusions are a norm. The gemstones which look clear like tears are significantly more expensive.

Sapphire is an eco-friendly choice for engagement

In addition to the lower price and a rainbow of colors to choose from, sapphires are easier and eco-friendlier in extraction. Like other colored precious stones, sapphires are extracted with no large drills. The industry includes many small companies which not only extract but also cut gemstones. Choosing a sapphire ring above diamonds, you make an environmentally friendly and ethic choice which is probably beautiful and wise for starting a new life with your partner.

Does a sapphire ring need any special care?

Sapphires are very hard stones and resistant to any damages, so they do not require regular care procedures. It’s better to choose one from the band instead of a center gemstone. This will protect the setting from looseness. Avoid the contact of the stone with your skin, the oils from your skin are not good for sapphires. It’s not recommended to wear a sapphire ring in a gym or while doing other physical activities. Always remove the ring from the finger before you start cleaning at home using special chemical liquids. They can be harmful for the sapphire.

If you want the gemstone to shine bright, provide monthly care to the ring at home with non-aggressive washing liquid and a toothbrush and annual treatment from a specialist. After cleaning the ring, dry it out with a microfiber cloth to remove the remaining washing liquid from its surface.

Regardless of the design you will finally choose, you will make a wise and fashionable choice. A sapphire ring will accentuate your personal style and attract attention in public. Do not be afraid of wearing a gorgeous eye-catching ring, you surely deserve to celebrate your engagement with style.

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